0208 301 4664 | info@7dayhealthcare.co.uk

WE have a surgery running 7 days a week and also have some availability in the evenings. You can usually call and book the same day or walk in and be see as soon as possible.

A general appointment with our doctor is ONLY £35.



Our doctor provides a service for the completion of ALL medicals for ALL reasons, including Taxi drivers, HGV divers, PCO drivers, Sports medicals, Insurance medicals and more.

Our standard medicals (including HGV/PCO/ TAXI) are charged at only £75.

All other medicals are subject to pricing on viewing the complete form. Call us on 0208 301 4664 or email a copy of the form to info@7dayhealthcare.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Blood tests

We carry out a full range of blood tests overseen by our doctor. Our nurses will take the blood sample. We have a strong link with our pathology laboratory who ensure the the test results are supplied within 7 days (not applicable to some uncommon tests). We also carry out allergy testing for a range of specific allergies.



At 7 Day healthcare, our doctor runs a vaccination clinic which incorperates the needs of individuals and families travelling to other countries as well as vaccinations for other purposes like occupational needs. We are also a registered Yellow Fever Clinic.