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Doctor Pricelist

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General Appointments


General Appointments £35.00
(General Appointments include a private prescription if required but does not include the medication. This will be purchased seperately at any chemist on presentation of the prescription)




PCO/HGV/PCV Medicals £75.00
Sports Medicals Price on Request
All other Medicals Price on Request


Blood Tests

All Prices are complete and include all fees.

Full Blood Count £45.00
Basic Biochemistry (Urea, Electrolytes, Creatinine, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Lipids Profile (Cholesterol), Alp and Calcium £70.00               
Hepatitis B Ag £43.00
Hepatitis B Ab
Hepatitis A Ab
Hepatitis C Ab
HIV (Blood)
Mid Stream Urine
Liver Function Test
Lipids Profile (Cholesterol)
Urine Drug Screen £75.00
Thyroid Function Test £55.00
Prostate Test (PSA) £55.00
Female Hormones (Price Per Hormone) £55.00
Culture Sensitivities £55.00
Chlamydia/GC Urine £80.00
VDRL £42.00
Vericella Titre £60.00
Rubella Titre £45.00
Measles £65.00
Mumps £65.00
Drug and Alcohol Urine Test £80.00
Blood Group £60.00
Genotype £100.00
Blood Group/Genotype £100.00
Lupes £120.00
Lyme’s Disease £90.00
Gilbert’s Disease £54.00
Vitamin D £55.00
Vitamin D & B12 £95.00
Ferratin & B12 £90.00
Magnesium £45.00
U+E’s £45.00
Folic Acid £45.00
Blood Lead, HB, ZPP £70.00
CA125- Ovarian Cancer £60.00
AFP- Certain Cancer of Liver/Testis £70.00
CEA- Carcinoembryonic Antigen £55.00

STD Screening

Chlamydia/GC Urine Test
VDRL (syphallis)


Occupational Health Blood Test Packages

Vericella/Mumps/Measles/Rubella £170.00
Vericella/Mumps/Measles £150.00
Mumps/Measles/Rubella £140.00
Hep B/MMR/Vericella/BCG Scar £240.00
Hep B/MMR/Vericella £200.00
BCG Scar by Doctor £35.00




All prices are complete and include vaccination administration charge.

Hepatitis A                   1 dose covers for 1 year, 2 doses 25yrs £50.00 per dose
Typhoid Covers for 3 years £45.00
Hepatitis A & Typhoid (as above) £80.00 per dose
Hepatitis B  Normal Course is 3 doses which covers for 5 years £40.00 per dose
Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio Covers for 10 years £40.00 per dose
Meningitis ACWY Covers for 3 years £65.00 per dose
Rabies Normal Course is 3 doses (to be paid at 1st appt) £60.00 per dose
Yellow Fever Covers for 10 years £70.00
Japanese Encephalitis 2 doses covers for 1 year, 3rd dose covers for 3 years £100.00 per dose
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Normal Course – 3 Doses Price on Request
Anti-Malarial Consultation Includes Prescription but not medication £35.00
Hay Fever Injection Seasonal £50.00
Cholera Normal Course – 2 doses £30.00 per dose
Seasonal £25.00


Joint Injections

Joint Injections are given subject to a consultation for appropriateness.

Initial Consultation
Joint Injection in the knee (Includes all costs) £100.00
Joint Injection (Anywhere other than the knee) £60.00
The cost of the initial consultation is taken off of the injection cost if it is advised that a joint injection can be done.



Lump and Bump Removal


Initial Consultation                                £30.00
Lump/Bump Removal (Per Lump) From £350
Skin tag Removal (1-5 tags)
Consultation fee to be taken from the cost of the removal if it is agreed to start treatment.


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