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-We now have a limited number of rabies and Hepatitis booster vaccinations left, please get in contact if you would like to book an appointment- 
At 7 Day Healthcare we strive to provide fast access to a vast range of vaccines, often with same day appointments that are convenient to you.

Below are a list of our available vaccinations:

Hepatitis A - not recommended for under one year of age

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. The virus is one of several types of hepatitis viruses that cause inflammation and affect your liver's ability to function. You're most likely to get hepatitis A from contaminated food or water or from close contact with a person or object that's infected.

We recommend the vaccine for travel to many parts of the world. (You can visit Travel-medicine-Guide-_2-March-2018 for specific information on different travel destinations) Two vaccines given a year apart  provide up to 20 years protection. Not recommended for under 1 year of age.


Typhoid is contracted by ingesting virus contaminated food or drink. Vaccination is recommended for travel to many parts of the world,  and must be taken two weeks before travel. Oral capsules only, not recommended for under 6 years of age.

Hepatitis A & Typhoid combined   

Hepatitis A and Typhoid are contracted by eating or drinking something contaminated with the virus and vaccination is recommended for travel to many parts of the world. (You can visit Travel-medicine-Guide-_2-March-2018 for specific information on different travel destinations). Hep A covers for one year, Typhoid covers for 3 years. Recommended for age 16 and over only.

Hepatitis B 

Hepatitis B can be contracted through sex, needles or blood and is mandatory for health care workers. In some countries it is part of the children’s vaccination programme, so you may already be vaccinated. 3 Doses of the vaccine will cover for 5 years, the doctor will be able to recommend the time between doses and it is recommended that you are vaccinated at least 2 months before you travel.

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio

Children in developed countries are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, however it is recommended that travelers have boosters every 10 years to keep their immunity. The vaccine will cover for 10 years once administered, however it is recommended that it is taken 2 weeks before travel to take full effect.

Meningitis ACWY    

Meningitis is passed from person to person and can quickly spread among the population, the vaccine will help to protect you against four different strains of the meningitis infection.

If you are getting vaccinated prior to going to a risk area you should aim to get the jab at least two weeks before you travel. The vaccine is also recommended for university students due to the high risk of infection.

Japanese Encephalitis  

Japanese encephalitis is a type of viral brain infection that's spread through mosquito bites, it's most common in rural areas throughout South East Asia, the Pacific islands and the Far East. Vaccination is recommended for people travelling to parts of Asia for prolonged periods, especially if in the countryside. There's currently no cure for Japanese encephalitis so it recommended that you are vaccinated before you travel.

The first and second dose of the vaccine will cover you for a year each, and the third booster will vaccinate you for another 3 years, it is recommended that you have the injection at least one month before you travel.

Anti-Malarial consulation

Malaria is caused by a type of microscopic parasite that's transmitted most commonly by mosquito bites and is most common in tropical and subtropical countries. If you are traveling to locations where malaria is common, take preventive medicine before, during and after your trip (You can visit Travel-medicine-Guide-_2-March-2018 for specific information on different travel destinations).The consultation fee includes the private prescription, but not the medication. The medication can be collected from the 7 Day chemist just across the road from the clinic, or any other pharmacy.Rabies Rabies can be contracted by a bite from an infected mammal, and is common in many parts of the world so it is highly recommended for any travelers.To improve your chances of survival should you be bitten by a rabid animal, 3 doses should be administered a month before travel. All three doses of the vaccine must be payed for at your first appointment.

Yellow Fever Vaccine - includes a yellow fever certificate

Our clinic is a dedicated yellow fever centre and licensed to administer the yellow fever vaccination and supply you with genuine yellow fever certification. Vaccination is needed for Central Africa and many parts of South America (You can visit Travel-medicine-Guide-_2-March-2018 for specific information on different travel destinations).

Cholera - Oral, 2 doses.

Cholera is commonly caught from unclean water supplies. You should take the vaccine if you will be travelling to places without a clean water supply or modern sewage system, such as parts of Africa and Asia. It is recommended to take the vaccine 1 month before you travel, from then you will be covered for two years.Tickbourne Encephalitis adult and junior  Tick-borne encephalitis is transmitted through tick bites, vaccination is recommended for people travelling to parts of Eastern Europe and Asia for prolonged periods, especially if in the countryside. The normal course of treatment is 3 doses.

Hay fever

For more information about hay-fever treatments please visit this link

Flu jab seasonal

At our clinic we offer a flu vaccination for the season. Anyone can request a flu vaccine, but they are particularly recommended to those with health conditions that make flu more dangerous e.g.  the elderly, pregnant women and children. The vaccines contains 3 or more strains of flu virus that are predicted to be the most likely to cause a flu epidemic in a given year.

For guidance on price please follow this link.