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Foot Care

We have a Foot care professional at 7 Day Healthcare dealing with a large variety of foot and lower leg conditions including:

  • verrucas
  • corns
  • hard skin
  • athelete's foot
  • ingrowing toenails

She also works as a nurse, able to remove warts on the rest of the body (except the face), provides a nail cutting service and ear syringing.

Treatment options:

  • Nail Cutting service - This service is excellent for people who struggle to cut their nails for a variety of reasons. It is also beneficial for people who wish to have their nails cut by a professional.
  • General Foot care and Lower Leg problems - Our foot care professional can treat verrucas and warts using cryo treatment. This will not be used on the face.


For a full list of services and prices please follow this link