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At 7 Day Healthcare we have set up our doctor service to be incredibly patient centred. With low prices for a private provider and surgery hours that are designed to suit a range of patient needs, it really is a service not to be missed.

We have a surgery running 7 days a week at different times and also have some availability in the evenings. You can usually call and book the same day or walk in and be seen as soon as we can.

A general appointment with our doctor is ONLY £35.00.

We offer a range of services with our doctor service:



Our doctor provides a service for the completion of ALL medicals for ALL reasons, including Taxi Drivers, HGV Drivers, PCO Drivers, Sports medicals, Insurance medicals and more.

We can carry out a range of tests at 7 Day Healthcare including ECG, Spriometry and a range blood tests. These are used to complete a range of tests, for example, for employment or VISA purposes.

Our standard medicals (including HGV/PCO/TAXI) are charged at ONLY £75.00

 All other medicals are subject to pricing on viewing the complete form Call us on 020 8301 4664 or email a copy of the form to info@7dayhealthcare.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Blood Tests

We carry out a full range of blood tests overseen by our doctor. Our nurses will take the blood sample in the comfort of our newly furnished diagnostic room. We have a strong link with our pathology laboratory who ensure that test results are supplied within 3 – 5 working days (Not applicable to some uncommon tests). Our basic range of blood tests with prices is below:

For A Full List of Blood Tests with Prices Click Here



At 7 Day Healthcare, our doctor runs a vaccination clinic which encorporates the needs of individuals and families traveling to other countries as well as vaccinations for other purposes like occupational needs. We are a registered Yellow Fever clinic also which means we can provide a complete range of vaccinations for all travel purposes.

If you require advice on what vaccinations you require for a particular destination, contact our reception team on 020 8301 4664 who are available to help with your request.

For a Full Price List for Vaccinations Click Here


Joint Injections

We now carry out injections for painful and inflammed joints. These can be used for very fast and effective pain relief in the right situation.

Before your procedure, our doctor will examine your painful joint and assess whether a steroid injection will be helpful.

Your doctor will decide on the type of steroid to use and what dose, depending on your individual situation.

For the Prices involved in Joint Injections CLICK HERE

Lump and Bump Removal

We now carry out the removal of minor lumps, bumps and skin tags. It is important that should you require the removal of a lump, bump or skin tag that there is a full examination with our specialist doctor first to confirm that it is safe to do remove as not all lumps can be removed in a minor surgery setting.

Once the lump is removed it is sent to our lab for testing for your safety and you will be given full post-surgery support while the wound heals.

Pricing is set to incorporate all costs including the lab costs which are quite high for this type of procedure.

For the Prices involved in Minor Surgery CLICK HERE