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Injectables & Fillers


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Fine lines? Deep wrinkles? Facial Folds? Unhappy with your Nose?


 7 Day Healthcare is proud to announce that we are now offering facial aesthetic treatments which are injectable treatments using Botulinum Toxin A and temporary reversible dermal fillers. These very popular anti-aging techniques are also called non-surgical facelifts.


Botulinum Toxin A is a safe and extremely popular treatment among both men and women. It is used to soften and smooth fine facial lines and wrinkles such as frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet (lines around the eyes). The treatment can also be used to improve gummy smiles and even reduce excessive underarm sweating!

Dermal Fillers are used to improve deeper folds in the skin such as at the nose-to mouth angles. It is also excellent for achieving fuller lips a neater straighter nose non-surgically and can even help improve the appearance of deep scars!


The initial consultation is absolutely free and she will assess your face and explain how these techniques can slow down the signs of aging!


It only takes about half an hour and we can carry out safe and relatively comfortable treatment in a professional and expert manner often at that same appointment. Treatments are reviewed two weeks later for free and additional top-ups, if required, are also ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Click Here for the Injectables and Fillers Price Guide