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Skin Treatments



We believe that lines and wrinkles are only one side of the coin in the war against skin ageing.

We can soften out lines and wrinkles dramatically with wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler injections but in our opinion it is even more beneficial to improve the overall lustre, texture and health of the skin.  We would argue that this is EVEN more important to do before anything else, if you want your skin to look clear, fresh and as youthful and healthy as possible. 


Prescription skincare - Most non-prescription skincare products you can buy (even the incredibly expensive ranges) are made from a combination of oil, water, protein and sometimes with added extras with variable results on the condition of your skin.  The skincare solutions your cosmetic doctor can provide are totally different – they have key ingredients which are pharmaceutical grade and clinically proven to achieve results in anti-ageing or in addressing the specific issue you may have e.g. acne or rosacea. Due to the highly potent effect of this type of skincare it can only be purchased after a thorough consultation with your cosmetic doctor. 


Chemical Peels – The first peels were used in ancient times and were made from fruit and milk acid. Remember Cleopatra and her legendary milk baths?  The ancient Romans also used similar concoctions to keep the skin fresh and youthful. Modern chemical peels are pharmaceutical grade, rigorously tested and are used to deeply exfoliate and stimulate the skin to reveal fresh skin cells. So if you want younger looking, fresher skin ; if you want to minimise lines or deal with specific issues like acne or pigmentation, speak to your cosmetic doctor about chemical peels. When combined with custom-made prescription skincare, can lead to dramatic results! Remember, a course of chemical peels is recommended for best results too.


Microneedling/dermal rolling

This is a natural way to stimulate the skin to repair and regenerate itself! A special roller system is passed in patches of the skin and tiny needles in the device stimulate the natural healing process.  Used in a course and combined with prescription skincare, this treatment can also lead to dramatic results and used to reduce the appearance of scars, lines, pigmentation, and of course dramatically improve the texture of the skin.