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We have a fantastic range of dental treatments which encourage the care of your teeth. We encourage patients to come for a regular 6 month examination to ensure that your teeth are in good condition and any problems are identified and treated early.

Our New patient fee is £50, which includes your first checkup with the Dentist and an X-Ray, if required. Our Dental service is currently available 5 days a week and we always strive to give you an appointment the same day where possible.

The price for under 16's is only £25 for a consultation/Check up.

Other services we provide are:

  • Fillings - We offer white cosmetic fillings or silver amalgam fillings if this is preferred by the patient.
  • Extractions - We can provide both simple and surgical extractions treatments, including the extraction of wisdom teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatments - We offer root canal treatments and have a dental professional who is a fully trained endodontist, who can complete more complex cases and root canals.
  • Crowns, Veneers and Bridges - We offer high quality Crown, Veneer and Bridgework at 7 Day Healthcare. Complete your smile with some of our fantastic solutions.
  • Oral Hygiene services - We have a range of oral hygiene services, including scale and polish and periodontal treatments. This is vitally important to maintain good oral health.
  • Dentures - We also offer high quality denture work. We offer new dentures for a full mouth or sections of a smile as well as repair of old dentures to ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your smile. We can also offer an Express service including a same day service on repairs.
  • Invisalign - Do you wish to have the perfect smile which is not just aesthetically beneficial but functional as well? Are you looking for some non/or minor invasive treatment to achieve your goals because you hate the sound of the drill? Then INVISALIGN is definitely for you! INVISALIGN is the world leader in aligning technology, that is also safe and quick. It is almost invisible, removable and really comfortable to wear while the result should be visible within 3.5-6 months. With invisalign's unique approach we can sort out tooth crowding, spacing, rotation and angulation. If you are interested, please book a free consultation with Dr Dora Levai at 7 day healthcare.

We are can also offer a Denplan Dentist, the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist.

Cheap monthly payment plans / 10% Off all treatments / Worldwide Dental Insurance

For more information on Denplan please visit:

Current Dental Clinic Times

Monday – 10am-5.30pm –  Dr. Dora Levai

Tuesday – 10am-6pm – Dr. Nandita Kolhatkar

Thursday – 10am-2pm – Dr. Nandita Kolhatkar

Friday – 3pm-7pm – Dr.Jay Patel

Saturday – 10am-5pm – Dr. Dora Levai/Dr. Nandita Kolhatkar


For a full list of services and prices please follow this link