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GP services

-We now have a limited number of rabies and Hepatitis booster vaccinations left, please get in contact if you would like to book an appointment- 

Commuter evening clinics this month: 12th Feb 3pm-7pm & 19th Feb 4pm-7pm

Call to make an appointment and you will most likely be seen the same day.  A general appointment with our doctor is ONLY £45. The price for Under 16's to see the GP is only £35. Some of our Doctors are able to treat a number of childhood diseases, please call to find out more.


Our doctor provides a service for the completion of ALL medicals for ALL reasons, including Taxi drivers, HGV divers, PCO drivers, Sports medicals, Insurance medicals and more. To be seen by the doctor we will need you bring a full medical summary from your regular GP with you at your appointment.

Our standard medicals (including HGV/PCO/ TAXI)  are charged at only £80. All other medicals are subject to pricing on viewing the complete form. Call us on 0208 301 4664 or email a copy of the form to info@7dayhealthcare.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For more information on our available medicals please visit this link.

Blood tests

We carry out a full range of blood tests overseen by our doctor. Our nurses will take the blood sample. We have a strong link with our pathology laboratory who ensure the the test results are supplied within 7 days (not applicable to some uncommon tests). We also carry out allergy testing for a range of specific allergies.  For more information please follow this link.


At 7 Day healthcare, our doctor runs a vaccination clinic which incorperates the needs of individuals and families travelling to other countries as well as vaccinations for other purposes like occupational needs. We are also a registered Yellow Fever Clinic. We will need to take a copy of the Identification for Parental/Guardian of any children that need a Vaccination, which will be stored on the patients notes. For more information on vaccinations please follow.

For A full list of prices visit this link.

Joint Injections

We can offer steroid injections for a number of different ailments. The price of the initial consultation is £35, the doctor will be able to advise the best course of treatment available to you at the time. This initial treatment cost is then taken of the cost of the injection should the doctor administer it for you. Joint injections in the knee (including all costs) is £110, any other joint injections are priced at £70.

For a full list of our services and prices please follow this link.

We are a by appointment clinic and do not take walk ins, however we are more than happy to book you in when we have the slots available and will usually be either the same day or the next day. Please call or email us beforehand to reduce your waiting time.

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