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Hay-fever and Allergy Injection

We can provide a steroid injection for the treatment of Hay fever and other allergies.

You will need to see your usual GP first and obtain a referral letter before we can book you an appointment for the injection. If we have record of you having the injection last year you will not need to bring this.

We strongly encourage you to try all alternative treatments before having a steroid treatment, as there could have potentially significant side effects. Our doctor will go through you your full medical history with you during your consultation to ensure that we are providing you with the safest possible treatment.

We require you to bring evidence of any medicines, prescription or otherwise that you have taken, as steroid based treatments are only administered as a last resort. Examples of medicines include:

Non-Prescription medications:

  • Antihistamine tablets such as Loratadine, Cetizine and Acravastine
  • Eye Drops such as sodium Cromoglycate
  • Nasal sprays such as Beclometasone & Fluticasone

Prescription medications:

  • Prednisolone oral tablets
  • Antihistimine nasal sprays (Rhinolast) or combination antihistamine with steroids (Dymista)
  • Fexofenadine antihistamine tablets
  • Montelukast tablets
  • Ranitidine tablets

Please be advised that the doctor will not prescribe the kenalog injection for you if you have not tried both above non-prescription and prescription medications before.

The administration of the injection will only be done at the doctor's discretion.

The price for the Kenalog HAYFEVER injection is £70.

The injection works by suppressing your immune system and as such will reduce the inflammation in your body caused by pollen and other allergies, however people that are regularly exposed to steroid treatments have their immune system weakened as a result. As such it is imperative that you avoid contact with people with infections such as chicken pox and measles when possible as you will be at higher risk. There are several reasons that the doctor will not provide you with the injection, for example:

  • You currently have an infection or have been recently exposed to an infection.
  • You have osteoporosis
  • You are on a medication that may interact with the steroid injection
  • You are pregnant or you are breast feeding
  • You have or have had psychosis in the past
  • You have Glaucoma
  • You have Diabetes, Epilepsy, High blood pressure, or Heart problems.

There are also various side effects to steroid based injections, of which your doctor will go through with you during your consultation. Side effects may be rare but it is important to be aware of them before you make a decision, examples of which are listed below:

  • Thinning of bones.
  • Diabetes.
  • Adrenal suppression and increased susceptibility of infections.
  • Weight change.
  • Fluid retention, heart problems or high blood pressure.
  • Psychiatric and psychological problems.
  • Local reactions, including skin colour change, fat pad atrophy and abscess.

If you would like to book an appointment to see our GP, please give us a call now on 0208 301 4664

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