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Vaccination Cost
Hepatitis A - Normal course: 2 Doses£55 per dose
Typhoid £50
Hepatitis A & Typhoid - Adult only£90 per dose
Hepatitis B - Normal course: 3 doses£55 per dose
Diphtheria (low dose), Tetanus and Polio (Revaxis) £45 per dose
Meningitis ACWY£70 per dose
MMR Vaccine£55 per dose
Rabies - normal course: 3 doses£80 per dose
Yellow Fever £75
Yellow Fever Duplicate Certificate£30
Japanese Encephalitis £110 per dose
Cholera Normal - Oral. Normal course: 2 doses£45
Tick-born Encephalitis£80
Anti-Malarial consultation. Includes prescription but not medication. £45
Hay fever injection Seasonal£70
Chicken Pox / Varicella£80 per dose
Depo Contraceptive Injection£55
Flu Jab Seasonal £20
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