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IPL & Microdermabrasion Price list

Skin rejuvenation

Full face                                                                                              £120 per treatment

Face + Neck                                                                                       £135 per treatment

Hands                                                                                                 £75 per treatment


Acne Treatments

Full face                                                                                              £120


Thread Vein Treatments

Face                                                                                                    from £100 per treatment

Half Face                                                                                            £75 per treatment


Skinbreeze microderm abrasion

Microderm on face 30 minute appointment                                               £40

Microderm on face 1 hour 15 minute appointment                                   £75


Hair removal

Under arms                                                                                        £70 per treatment

Upper lip                                                                                             £35 per treatment

Upper lip + chin                                                                                 £70 per treatment

Chin                                                                                                     £45 per treatment

Full face + neck                                                                                  £120 per treatment

Half face                                                                                              £80 per treatment

Half face + neck                                                                                 £100 per treatment

For prices on other areas of the body please come and speak to our specialist during your free consultation. 

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